LLarissa Open University - UNESCO Learning Cities

Larissa Open University - UNESCO Learning Cities

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Larissa Open University is a new institution of the  “UNESCO Learning Cities”.

It has 16 learning cycles for the 2018-2019 academic year.
It operates within the framework of "Larissa - UNESCO Learning City ", under the responsibility of the Social Policy Department of the Larissa Municipality and the responsible Directorate of Nursery Schools & Educational Activities.
It is under the auspices of the UNESCO National Commission.

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Spirito Group implemented the following:
-Designing the logo of the organization in order to better communicate and promote the services it provides.
-Designing a three-part brochure (visual representation and compilation of content for the purpose of informing the public about the purposes, mode of operation and specialized services provided by the organization).
-Designing the poster to promote the institution 's activity.
-Designing the templates for all learning cycles and customize each thematic cycle (8-10 cycles) based on the template.

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