««SIGMA for Water»

«SIGMA for Water»

«SIGMA for Water –Sustainable InteGral Management Approaches for Water areas»


SPIRITO: Projection Support Advisor Services

The project "SIGMA for water"

The "SIGMA for Water" project was created to improve regional policies for the exploitation of new lakes and wetlands with a view to adapting them to climate change, improving water quantity and environmental quality.


The project aims to develop new ponds and wetlands that significantly increase water quality in the water supply system by increasing water purification capacity due to extensive surface water and nature in the area and making the water supply system more flexible in terms of quantity (increased containment capacity). excessive water storage and water availability in the event of future shortages).

The project involved thirteen 13 partners from 8 European countries, covering thus most of the intervention area of ​​the Interreg IVC Program and including partners with diverse socio-economic characteristics.


The project's lead partner was the Region of Friesland (The Netherlands) and the following were also part of the partnership:

• NETHERLANDS: Friesland District, Smalinggeland Municipality

• GERMANY: Merseburg Innovation and Technology Center, Dominion Regional Administration

• UNITED KINGDOM (SCOTLAND): International Institute of Natural Resources and the recycling

• POLAND: Research Institute for the Conservation of Mineral Resources and Energy

• ROMANIA: National Water Resources Management of Romania

• ITALY: Genoa Local Action Group on Sustainable Development,

• HUNGARY: University of Devrecen - Center for Environmental Management & Policy, Southern - Danube Directorate of Environmental Protection and Water Resources

• GREECE: Region of Thessaly, University of Thessaly

The project started in January 2010 and was completed in March 2013.

Subject of SPIRITO's work

Implementation and management of SIGMA project promotional activities for water until project completion

Providing the necessary technical support to the Region of Thessaly in order to plan, prepare, organize and implement in a timely and successful manner the actions undertaken under the SIGMA Water project.

Organize the final transnational project conference to exchange good practices and experiences between project partners.


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