Presentation of the “Nitreos Cotton” Project

🌱 Presentation of the Project “Nitreos Cotton: Production of standardized cotton using the NITREOS integrated precision agriculture system” 📣On Tuesday, October 17, 2023, the presentation of the Project “Nitreos Cotton: Production of standardized cotton using the NITREOS integrated precision agriculture system” took place in the hall of the TOEB Mikro Monastiri. The aim of the project is to improve fertilization and irrigation practice in cotton production systems on farms in Central Macedonia Region by providing the appropriate digital tools in the form of an integrated application that collects and processes time series of satellite images to assess the needs of the crop of cotton in nutrients data.
ELGO Dimitra / Institute of Soil and Water Resources (Coordinating partner), the company AgroApps (AgroApps), the company Open Mellon – Education – Consulting – Business Incubator SA and the Group of Producers Agricultural Enterprises of Mikro Monastiri III IKE.
The day was welcomed by the head of the Producers Group Mr. Christos Koronas and the Mayor of Chalkidona Mr. Stavros Anagnostopoulos who emphasized the importance of implementation of the project in the wider region as well as the contribution of the Program to the promotion of the cooperation of the agencies active in the agricultural sector for the interconnection of research with production through the pilot application of good practices.
Next, the representative of Open Mellon, Mr. Vassilis Avramoudis, presented the object, the intended goals and the methods of implementing the project. This was followed by the presentation of Mr. Vassilis Ashonitis, commissioned researcher of ELGO Dimitra, who focused on the issues of nutrient management and cultivation practices applied to cotton cultivation. The program of the conference was concluded with the presentation of Mr. Minas Verberis, Agronomist – AgroApps, on the ways of enhancing the production of standardized cotton through the NITREOS digital platform. Mr. Verberis mentioned the benefits of using the NITREOS system and fully analyzed how it works to the participants.
The event was attended by representatives of the corporate structure as well as local producers, who had the opportunity to be informed about the project and how this can be applied to their crops. The project is implemented and co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) of the European Union and national resources through the Program of Rural Development 2014-2020 (PAA) (transaction code M16SYN2-00060).
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