OOur Team

Christos Genitseftsis – Managing Director

Χρήστος Γεννιτσεφτσής

Graduate of the Chemistry Department of the School of Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with postgraduate studies (MSc) in Quantum Chemistry and in Marketing and Communication (MSc Marketing & Communication), specializing in Green Marketing, Economical University of Athens.

From 1995 to 2008, Network Leader in Karelia Tobacco Industry SA (Marketing and Advertising Department).
Since 2008, Director (shareholder) of Spirito Group Marketing & Communication, focusing primarily on marketing, communication, advertising, sales, education, green development and quality assurance systems.
Former President of ESSYNE Thessaly, (Hellenic Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Thessaly), Deputy Secretary of OSSYNE and Secretary in ESA (Larissa Trade Association).
Author of the chain of stores in all of Greece (15) under the name MRPRINT (Refilling printer stores) and developer-shareholder.
Since 2013, President of the Open Mellon Agricultural School A.E.
Also from 2013, Associate of the Research Support and Research Support Office of the University of Thessaly (programs for promotion, utilization and interconnection with the market of research results).


Vasilis Avramoudis - Manager of Administration & Finance

Dimitra Dimou – Project Manager

Stefanos Papanotas – Graphic Designer

Evaggelia Kouti– Graphic Designer

John Gialamas – IT Support




Spirito Business & Communication Group

Κούμα 29, Λάρισα

Τ: +30 2410 252121

E: info@spirito.gr

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spiritogroup/

LinkedIn: Xristos Genitseftsis