Pytheia Competence Center | 1st Interactive Event on Artificial Intelligence and its application in Health | Larissa 14.12.2022, Joist, 16:00

1st Interactive Event on Artificial Intelligence and its application in Health.

December 14, 2022, 16:00, Joist Innovation Park, Larissa Valtetsiou- Tripoli.

Ai-Art-HealthCare, From A Word Το The World. How Artificial Intelligence creates art and how art has a direct effect on Mental Health!

Pytheia, one of the 11 competence centers in Greece, a collaboration of 3 universities, the University of Thessaly, Ionian, and Aegean and 7 large companies (health, education, marketing), is pleased to announce the 1st Interactive Event of Artificial Intelligence and its application in Health.

With speakers from university professors, physical medicine clinics, psychologists and companies digitizing systems of health structures. Guests, students of Medical schools and IT schools, professors of university schools, companies in the health sector. The event invites attendees to take part in an unprecedented for Greek data Project. Within 2 hours, with the help of artificial intelligence, the leading Digital but mainly Physical Gallery of artworks on Health and Health Education should be created. The purpose of the event, apart from the use of artificial intelligence in health and art, is to immerse viewers in its basic services. The generality of Ai terms turns into a specialty in the everyday life of individuals or businesses.

All Projects will be printed on the same day and returned to the Hall of Joist innovation Park in Larissa to create the 1st Gallery using Ai on the topic of health!

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