e-retail B ‘Cycle – Business subsidy up to the amount of 5000 €

The electronic submissions of financing for the action “e-retail” (Cycle B) continue, which subsidizes retail companies for the creation or upgrade and management of e-shops.

The submission’s deadline is September 29, 2021.

Beneficiaries of the Action are the medium, small and very small Retail companies that maintain a physical store (in a separate area of their home).

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As part of the call for applications for financing investment projects in the action “e-Retail” Cycle B and responding to the needs of the modern entrepreneur, Spirito Group offers complete solutions for submitting a file, construction, maintenance and promotion of an online store.

Our company undertakes the implementation of all actions related to the action. In particular, it undertakes:

  • evaluation of eligibility criteria
  • folder preparation
  • submission of a financing proposal
  • construction of an e-shop, according to the provisions of the invitation
  • filing a repayment request

Related services:

  • Training of a company executive on the operation of the e-shop
  • Update e-shop with new products
  • Promotion of the e-shop on social media (facebook, instagram) and other electronic media
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Non-stop technical support

For more information please contact us.

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