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Funding Programs

Re-Source European territorial cooperation program "INTERREG V-B BALKAN- MEDITERRANEAN 2014-2020"

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Funding programs

Re-Source European territorial cooperation program "INTERREG V-B BALKAN- MEDITERRANEAN 2014-2020"

The project “Re-Source” (Providing services for management of natural resources) is an innovative program with a vision to promote pro-environmental agricultural practices and modern digital tools for the conservation of natural resources. It focuses on the optimization of the use of irrigation water in the plain of Thessaly, which is considered the most water deficit region of Greece. It was implemented within the Interreg V-B Interstate Cooperation Program “Balkan-Mediterranean” for the program period 2014-2020 and was financed by the European Union and the National Funds of the participating countries. In the context of providing support services in the design and implementation of the projects’ actios, Spirito participated as one of the three partners for the implementation of these actions, namely 

Action 2.2.2 Communication plan and dissemination material

Compilation of the material (text- translation, photos, logos)-Creative approach to material-Creation of digital informative material-Taking shots from the pilot action using UA-Collection of photographic material from the pilot applications and project dissemination actions-creation of texts-Material creation and newsletter and portal updates- 2 roll up banners and electronic banner design- Printing, quality control, material delivery.

Action 2.2.3 Promotion actions in the Mass Media 

Creation of a TV spot (Collection of material and recording of shots from the pilot application, Directorial conception, editing and refinement of the script-storyboard, Editing of titles, informative and visual material- Graphics, caption, motion graphic and music). Presentation on local TV station [M3-M4] – Production of the English version of the spot (Translation of text and adaptation of the script, editing of audio material and adaptation of music)- Creation of a radio spot (Directorial conception, editing of the script -Storyboard, editing of audio material and music – Broadcasts on local radio stations – Entry in a local newspaper (Gathering materials and writing texts)  




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