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Erasmus + co-financed project of the European Union - SATI

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Funding Programs

Erasmus + co-financed project
of the European Union - SATI

The “SATI” (Smart Agriculture Training & Implementation) project is an effort to digitize Agriculture in Europe, taking into account the steps taken by the European Parliament and the Commission in the field of Vocational Education and Training. Its purpose is to create a comprehensive training platform with multiple recipients.

The project is implemented in the framework of the EU Strategic Partnership Plan. which supports Innovation in the field of Vocational Education and Training ΚΑ226-VET and is co-financed by the Erasmus + program of the European Union.Reference: 2020-1-EL01-KA226-VET-094682

Spirito is the implementing body of the project, following the submission of the project in the Call for Proposals Erasmus + 2021 for the Sectors of Education and Training, in 2020.

This project aimed to provide a comprehensive e-learning platform with multiple audiences such as agronomists, environmentalists, farmers and producers, VET trainers and generally those involved in  the fields of agriculture, environment and agricultural insurance. The platform’s courses were created based on information and educational material from different professional fields and presented in a simplified way to VET learners. The progfram leads to the Precision Agriculture Analyst Certification and is carried out exclusively by distance learning.

For the needs of the project, an application was designed, in order to connect it with the official website og the project, the e-learning platform, the YouTube channel of the program & the website of Eurocontrol, which is available in the PlayStore.

A promotional video was also created in 5 languages (English, Greek, Spanish, Serbian & Turkish) to summarize the scope of the project and to be used during dissemination events.

As part of the project, the first SATI Transnational Meeting was held in Larissa on Friday, June 24 with a physical presence. The meeting was hosted by Spirito at the JOIST innovation park, with representatives from almost all project partners, from Greece, Spain and Turkey. Our Serbian partner participated via the ZOOM platform.

All project deliverables are available on the SATI website 





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